About Us

WebsiteWellness offers design choices that are both intelligent and inspired.

Consumers now use the internet in a drastically different manner than they did 1-2 years ago, let alone 10-15 years ago. This media eruption has transformed the game of marketing and promoting yourself and your business. Your devoted customers anticipate a cooperative experience, and two-way communication. Just having a pleasant website is no longer enough to bring in new business.

Inspired design is all about making sure the end product not only fits, but performs all necessary functions for your business. We do not look at a quick fix, we don’t medicate the problem. We are here to provide you with an end to end solution, a total website wellness package.

It is your brand, your budget, your customers, your prospects, your market and most importantly your competition. For this and other reasons we will match your project up with any of our thirty-plus talented artists, designers, programmers and project managers.

Our experienced team will work intelligently to:

  • Increase your brand and your brand recognition
  • Promote your customer loyalty and interactive communication
  • Enhance your credibility with updates and relevant offerings
  • Seamlessly integrate with Social Media, Marketing & 3rd party sites
  • Integrate with off-line marketing initiatives and targets

Since you know your business best, we will count on you throughout the whole process to communicate to us what works and what does not for your specific clientele. With your feedback and direction we can modify our designs to keep on track throughout the project and supply you with the perfect solution.

We are with you for the whole process, finding a domain name, hosting your site, creating the perfect website, hooking your site into Social Marketing like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.  We can create the custom graphics, we can photograph your business and design one of a kind custom graphics and headers.  End-to-end satisfaction is our promise.

Meet our Fabulous WebsiteWellness Team