Our Team Rocks! (and sometimes rolls)

Craig Solomon

Craig Solomon, Founder of WebsiteWellness

Founder of Website Wellness I wanted to change the way businesses and people marketed themselves on the web. I feel it is very important to think differently, be remarkable and engage your clients in a new way. Allowing your fans to be more than someone who opens their wallet, but someone who is integral to the growth of your business. Business now requires two way communication, and we help achieve that goal.

Born and partially raised in Brooklyn, NY I have lived all over the USA and part of Europe. I am a fan of many things, from food, to photography. I like nothing more than seeing someone smile at my artwork and take something home to hang on their walls and cherish. My background is very mixed with art and technology. I owned and operated Rock & Roll Rarities in Reseda California, a gallery dedicated to all things Rock & Roll, from there I moved to Kinko’s Corp where I was the Systems Manager for the Corporate office in Ventura. I then went over the pond to England where I was on contract for one year as Global Project Development Manager for Glaxo-Wellcome on loan from DEC. From the contract I headed to Oregon to be Director of IT & Consulting for a local Software Development Company. As that company changed directions I finally found myself here, enjoying what I do more than ever, working with great artistic and technical talent.

Some personal information, I am married to my lovely, supportive and intelligent wife Andra for 12 years. We have a warm home here in Albany Oregon. Not sure if we have 2, 3, or 4 cats, it depends who wanders in from time to time. I love photography and working in Photoshop when I get time. I am a huge fan of all types of Cartoons & Humor. Life has to be a laugh or it is not worth living. Although an iPhone & iPad junkie, all my computers are Window’s based.

I am also the main photographer for WebsiteWellness and you can find my gallery online at ConciergePhoto.com.  I can help grow your business by adding stunning images to your website.  I am an active member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) as well a mentor others in the use of Photoshop and image editing and photographic styles.

Long term goal is to grow a consortium of remarkable talent, people of vision, of integrity, of foresight and above all the ability to create something Remarkable. Let us help you create your remarkable future as well.


Walter Davies

Walter Davies, Programmer

Meet Walter Davies, our programmer! Walter Davies got his start in high tech at the age of four when he designed and built his first robot out of a discarded tape recorder. Not satisfied with the limited storage capability of audio cassettes, he went on to design laser memory devices using 3-D holography. By age 7, the increasing availability of EEPROM burners conspired with his financial inability to purchase a Sony Walkman so he was left with little choice but to design a solid state music playback device; the forerunner to portable MP3 players. At 11 he was hacking his home Commdore, his father’s CP/M business machine, and his mother’s Sun workstation.

Mr Davies enjoys Shakespeare in the original English, Goethe in the original German, and Kiss in the original French. He is active in several music ensembles and engages in systems consulting around the Willamette Valley, McMurdo Station, Antarctica, and points in-between. He still does not understand why people watch TV.

Boris Lutskovsky

Boris Lutskovsky, Programmer & Coder

Meet Boris, our Rock & Roll, web coder and programmer. With Boris on our team, if it can be done on the web, we can do it! Boris currently calls Portland Oregon his home, and shares his life with his lovely wife Abbey, and one beautiful child.

Besides all the common expected Geek stuff, Boris loves Rock & Roll and plays guitar and does vocals in a local band called Animal R&R. They are pure Portland indie rock; channeling the unknown, under-appreciated bands of the 90′s. One of Boris’s other passions is fishing.

His background is Ukrainian and in addition to English also speaks Spanish and Russian.

Boris Lutskovsky

Frank Page, Cartoonist

Meet the fabulous cartoonist, Frank Page. Throughout his life, that is one thing that has never been disputed. In 2002, he created the comic strip Bob the Squirrel. The strip has been syndicated online through Universal Uclick/GoComics.com since 2004. Page has self-published seven Bob the Squirrel collections and three graphic novels: mary, better man and 2 sides of alone. His award-winning editorial cartoons have been featured in past editions of Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year.

Page has been staff cartoonist/graphic designer at the Rome Daily Sentinel, Rome, NY. In 2010, he accepted an adjunct faculty position with the art department at Cazenovia College. He has given dozens of lectures to schools throughout Central New York. He holds a BFA in illustration from Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, NY and a MFA in Visual Art with emphasis on Sequential Art from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, VT.

His work is enjoyed all over the world and can be seen daily at www.bobthesquirrel.com and www.gocomics.com. He currently resides in Rome, NY where he can regularly be seen chasing after Lucy, his Jack Russell Terrier, through the streets.