WebsiteWellness & Concierge Photo Testimonials

“Thanks a ton, Craig and team for the superb website you have built for me at It is visually appealing and functional…a great combination. Just as importantly, you and your team are trustworthy and followed through, in a timely manner, on every request I had. Plus, you went the extra mile to seek out additional help to put the videos on my website. And I learned that you are not only able to meet any technological request I had, but that you also maintain a key working knowledge of the changes in the way consumers use technology. For example, I only learned of the big move to social media and away from direct website searches because you were “up to speed” with the shifting uses of technology.

I had the following unsolicited feedback from a colleague: ‘Wow, Greg, that’s a GORGEOUS web site! Cheers, Dawson’

I already have, and continue to, highly recommend your services as you provide the perfect combination of technological skill, unmatched support and service all at an affordable price! Indeed I will be asking you to do more work for me as I move ahead.”

– Greg Warburton (via email)


“Craig and his team at Concierge Photography made me feel beautiful and extremely comfortable. Before our shoot, which was held at C’est La Vie, I had shot with numerous photographers, maybe 20-30 to be more precise. My best and fondest memories have come from my one hour shoot with Craig Solomon, which happened to also be my shortest shoot ever. He has a very professional team working with him and every single member of his team made me feel fabulous, too! So far, I’ve seen four of the images from our shoot and have not felt disappointed yet. It’s obvious that Mr. Solomon takes pride in his work and loves what he does. I would highly recommend Concierge Photography by Craig Solomon.

-Myka Bitterman (via message) 


“If you’re looking for an awesome photographer I strongly recommend Craig Solomon. I spent a lot of time looking for a photographer that I felt comfortable with until now. I had a great experience, it was very professional and non creepy lol. Thank you Craig ( and team) for making my first experience a good one.”

- Brittany Christine (via Facebook)


To ConciergePhoto “Words cant explain how much I love this… : ) Thank you again for the wonderful experience! I had such a great time that it took me forever to wind down before bed, and I would recommend the same opportunity to anyone. You made the whole atmosphere very calm and comfortable. Thank you!”

-Kathryn Munson (via Facebook)


“It’s beautiful Craig. Honestly it makes me a lil emotional that you were able to capture me so beautifully.”

-Stacey Endicott-Cummings (via Facebook)

Craig Solomon at Concierge Photography is a great photographer. The photos exceeded my expectations! His editing of the photos is amazing, just the right touch, so that the photo looks more real. He is very professional to work with and made me feel comfortable and right at home. It is nice to work with someone that has an open mind and wants to create works of art that will last for generations.

- Melinda Butterfield (via Facebook)


“It was a true pleasure to work with Craig Solomon of Concierge Photography for my niece’s newborn pictures! His professionalism, friendly demeanor and soft sense of humor made the session very comfortable and fun! When we arrived he was prepared with numerous pose recommendations, as well as a wide variety of backdrops and props for us to choose from. Mr. Solomon’s ability to capture her personality and innocence in each photo with his unique style was amazing! The pictures are absolutely stunning and have such an artistic quality to them! He is definitely NOT your ordinary, everyday photographer! I would highly recommend Mr. Solomon to anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind fantastic photographer with a unique modern style!

- Gloria D. (via email)


“We are very pleased with the quality of service and communication we received; the updates and the changes were done quickly and exactly as requested.”

-Bob Roberts, Systems Admin