Social Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO: Once the site is finished and tested we will start on the SEO project and get you placed on all the engines as mentioned above. Just entering into those sites will not guarantee any placement or validity, it will just put a tick-in-the-box letting Google, Yahoo, and Bing know that business exists.

Create a SEO report card
: An SEO Report Card is a detailed analysis and an actionable roadmap to increase your ranking. This SEO Report card will answer all these questions and more 1. Why I am not ranked near the top in Google? 2. Why is my competitor at the top of the rankings? 3. What do I need to fix, to boost my rankings? The SEO report not only will tell you website strength and weakness and suggestion, the report also analyze your website with top 10 competitors with your chosen keyword.

: Backlinks are other websites that link back to your website. Search engines use this to validate your site and the fact that other sites link and/or recommend your business. We will create 1000 live backlinks for SEO with anchor text. We will also add about 100 .EDU backlinks to your site, as the engines really rank sites coming from schools and colleges higher than general sites.

Social Bookmarking: This is another way of edging out your competition by using Social Network site to spread the name / business over many sites and link back to your company. We submit your URL to 500+ Social Bookmarking sites.

Facebook Credibility: Having a nice FB Business Page is wonderful, however just because you build it does not mean people come to visit. What we want to do is show off your competition by showing your FB page to be well liked and well followed. Over the course of 2-3 months we will build your “Facebook Page Likes” to over 1000 followers. We will guarantee over 1000 likes. Likes add trustworthiness to your business. It adds confidence and reliance. An average local business has a couple hundred “likes” and we will quadruple that number easily.

Google +1: is Google’s new SEO tracking validity system. When people visit your site they can click the +1 button on your site (we will have one there). As driving new business and people to use Google +1 is new, we will be able to get a few dozen people on a regular basis to click on your +1 increasing your stats inside Google’s spider database. As the Google +1 system gains popularity, we will find creative ways of building that traffic revenue.

Article Creation: We will create an article about your business; we will submit that article to over 1000 sites with links back to your business. These relevant contextual backlinks will help you rank better in search engines and dramatically help your SEO efforts.

Press Release: We will create a press release for you with the proper formatting for Search Engine Optimization. Press releases rank differently than articles as they reach different clientele and rank in a different way to the search engine. By adding a press release about your new website and your client base, it will be forever searchable on the Internet and will provide contextual backlinks to your website. We will submit your site for the top 20 online press release sites for submission.

All SEO work will be documented and submitted in monthly emailed reports.

The SEO follow up portion of the project is expected to take a total of around 3-months post going live with the website. SEO can’t be rushed or it will fail. Even after we are done with the major submissions SEO will continue to improve for about 60-90 days (or longer) and then level off and eventually start to slip down. We do recommend having WebsiteWellness continue with monthly maintenance to keep your high positioning on the Internet. However this is totally optional.